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Gustav Klimt

Upper portion of two lovers   1908


Émilie Régnier: Mali Passport

via foam: ‘I am really driven by the idea of showing a West African society that is growing,’ says Régnier. That means ignoring the easy and the rote: pictures of elites quaffing champagne, or images cataloguing the atrocities of war. Witnessing with a camera takes many forms. For Régnier, photographic truth is located in the bodily presence of young West Africans proudly negotiating their future, a diverse future of many possibilities.’


Sister Wendy and David Hockney… Hot.

*fills mason jar with vodka* i’m doing a cleanse

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Vintage Poster, Und zum Schluss schuf der Liebe Gott den Kuss Hugo Hirsch, 1923, Wolfgang Ortmann. (1885 - 1967)


114v, Gospels, MS 58, Trinity College Dublin

Un día fuiste, un día serás. Este día eres.
---Frida Kahlo   (via tetozcananalo)
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A line of roses lines the street where Michael Brown was shot


Salvador Dali, Illustration for Dante’s La Divine Comédie, 1963. Paris. Via Bassenge


Franz Mayer, Popocatépetl, México City, c. 1905.

What I want to say, querido, is
hunger is not romantic to the hungry.
What I want to say is
fear is not thrilling if you’re the one afraid.
What I want to say is
poverty’s not quaint when it’s your house you can’t escape from.
Decay’s not beautiful to the decayed.
---from “Still Life with Potatoes, Pearls, Raw Meat, Rhinestones, Lard, and Horse Hooves” by Sandra Cisneros, Loose Woman (via wine-loving-vagabond)